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Why YOUR Vote Can Count with

Our mission at is to provide voters with a simple strategy to verify that their votes are counted. You, along with millions of other Americans, will not only be voting for a candidate you can truly believe in, but you will also be sending a powerful message to those involved in secret computer vote counting that such unconstitutional elections will no longer be tolerated. Who are those involved? These powerful groups are the Republican National Committee (RNC), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the 5 big TV networks, AP, and the four major corporations (Diebold, ES & S, Hart, Dominion) which have been hired by 99% of USA counties to conduct elections. These large corporations exclusively provide the software which instruct the computers what to do on election night. This software is off limits to the public. There is no EFFECTIVE paper trail. Moreover, there is no accountability.

This is why awakened Americans are demanding transparency in all vote counting. For more information about America’s hijacked elections and the remedy, see the videos and articles at

Your write-in vote for Ron Paul, or the liberty candidate of your choice, will send the following powerful messages that:

  • We the American people will no longer tolerate the systematic, blatantly biased mainstream media propaganda. This includes deliberate smear tactics and media blackouts against liberty candidates such as Ron Paul and his supporters, while giving unlimited publicity to their candidates of choice. Such malicious manipulation by the major media is seditious, because it deprives the American people of the information they need to make an informed choice for President. In addition, it has been known for decades that all the major networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP — have been involved in phony election night “competition” to project the winners and losers, while also deceiving Americans into believing that the computerized election counts were being conducted legally and constitutionally.
  • We the American people will not stand for the blatant rigging and distortion of the primaries and caucuses as was perpetrated throughout 2012 by the national and state leaders of the Republican Party against Ron Paul and his supporters. The same thing happened in 2008 to Ron Paul and his supporters and in 1996 to Pat Buchanan and his supporters. When the RNC and the DNC at any level are challenged by grassroots Americans, they have engaged over the last several decades in conduct which resembles a criminal syndicate.
  • We the American People will not stand for the flagrant civil rights violations committed against liberty-minded delegates at the Republican National Convention by GOP Party leaders in Tampa in 2012. Nor will we tolerate the violation of the civil rights of the Democratic delegates at the 2012 Democratic Convention as seen on national TV with regard to amending the Democratic Convention Platform.  In both conventions microphones were turned off to prevent discussion, dissent, or a call for a roll call vote. The delegates were treated like extras in a pre-written made-for-TV movie script rather than the independent Americans they are who had fought hard over many months to become delegates to give voice to their ideas and the ideas of those who elected them.
  • We the American people will no longer tolerate secret computer counts in elections. Instead, we demand a return to open, transparent, machine-free, and computer-free elections. The paper ballots are to be counted in full public view right after the polls close. The results are to be posted at the polling place BEFORE the ballots are removed. This provides the essential checks/balances required by the Constitution.
  • Finally, we the American people will no longer play the “lesser of two evils” game. Every four years we are presented with two lackluster Major Party candidates for whom there is little enthusiasm and who people vote for only reluctantly. Americans vote for one of these candidates, even though they really don’t trust them or have confidence in them. Because such major party Presidential candidates are imposed upon us by mass media deception and massive vote-rigging, Americans are made to feel they have no other choice.
  • With participants now have a real opportunity to help make our votes count. This is by casting votes backed by affidavits. Those counting our votes in secret are precisely the ones who are committed to implementing the “Endless War” and Police State agenda, along with the maintenance of the unconstitutional taxation system and Federal Reserve. Moreover, this agenda is supported by BOTH major political parties.
  • The effort is a key part of a nationwide mobilization to end this corruption and restore liberty and constitutional government once again (see the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy and the YouTube clip, “Rigged USA Elections Exposed,” featuring computer programmer Clinton E. Curtis. Also G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature from Jekyll Island and the YouTube videos by Bill Still, The Secret of Oz and The Money Manipulators; and more information and videos are linked at the home page of

Write-in Strategy for Transparency
in the 2012 Presidential Election

  • The project offers Americans the first opportunity to verify that their votes are counted in a Presidential election since the early 1970s, when secret computer election counts were introduced in the United States. The Constitution requires that election counts be open and transparent, never in secret. However, since the 1970s our votes have been counted illegally through unconstitutional secret computer tabulators. Secret computer counts are subject to manipulation and easy rigging by the vendors themselves, which cannot be detected by the public.
  • Such secret computer vote counts are also notoriously unreliable. A study by MIT and CALTECH entitled, “Voting: What Is, What Could Be,” revealed that 6 million of the 100 million votes cast in the 2000 Presidential were kicked out and NOT COUNTED by the electronic computers and machines.
  • Despite this, in the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election these secret computer counts are being used to tabulate 100% of the votes in 49 states and 80% of the votes in New Hampshire. According to two US Supreme Court Decisions (Reynolds v. Sims, 1964, and US v. Mosley, 1915) secret vote counts of any kind are unconstitutional. This means the secret computer counts themselves are a violation of our voting rights as expressed in “the consent of the governed” clause in the Declaration of Independence as well as in the Constitution and supporting statutes.
  • Because of the unconstitutional use in the 2012 Presidential election and secret computer counts in 99% of the counties, participants are using the power of notarized AFFIDAVITS to help verify that their votes are counted accurately. Another benefit is increasing public awareness, which will help restore open, honest, and fair elections.
  • Since Presidential Candidate and Congressman Ron Paul is the only internationally known liberty candidate, advocates that the best strategy for liberty-minded Americans is to write-in Ron Paul as their Presidential choice. Write in his name on the ballot in all 50 states with special emphasis on those ten states which automatically count all write-in votes. Then, send in your affidavit. The objective is to win as many states as possible in 2012 with write-in ballots but also to send a powerful message that the people of this country are fed-up with secret, corruptible voting. The ultimate goal is that publicly counted, verifiable paper ballots, with EFFECTIVE paper trails, will become the wave of the future.
  • encourages voters who support other liberty-minded candidates to exercise their constitutional right to free speech and document their vote by making affidavits. This applies to both write-in liberty candidates as well as those who are on the ballot. If other liberty candidates besides Ron Paul can persuade large numbers to vote for them, so be it. However, all such candidates other than Ron Paul are virtual unknowns. This is why a write-in vote for Ron Paul as the liberty candidate of choice is the best strategy. Your write-in vote for Ron Paul, along with those of numerous like-minded citizens, is your chance to make your vote count in a crucial way for the future of this country and your family.
  • Every county should provide you with a paper ballot for your write-in choice. If your county does not provide paper ballots (failure to do so may be illegal) you can still send us your affidavit to help verify your vote.
  • The effort is VITAL to restoring our Republic. This voting strategy can help with the legal verification of your vote in this Presidential election. This strategy will prove the power and numbers of informed liberty-minded Americans who refuse to accept the artificially-engineered choices presented every four years by the mass media.
  • Millions of Americans have fought, bled, and died to ensure the freedoms necessary for us to determine our nation’s destiny. Let not their sacrifices be in vain. Do your part to protect those freedoms by casting your write-in vote for a freedom-loving candidate, chosen from the only candidates who fully support the American Constitution and the rule of law, like Dr. Ron Paul.
  •  This is a effort which makes available affidavits that individual citizens can voluntarily download and use on their own free will, exercising their first amendment rights of free speech. It represents a means to combat illegal, unconstitutional computer election counts, which have been proven to throw election outcomes into doubt.

To download your voting affidavit and join the Write-in Revolution, click HERE.

DISCLAIMER:  While we recommend that you vote your conscience, by casting your ballot for your liberty candidate of choice in the 2012 general election, and testify how you voted with this Affidavit, is not an agent of any state election authority and cannot guarantee your vote will be tabulated by an election official in your state. We are not affiliated with any current lawsuits or claims regarding purported agreements with states to count write-in votes in opposition of current state laws.