About the WriteInRon2012 Project

WriteInRon2012.com, also reached at WriteInRevolution.com, seeks to provide our fellow Americans with an effective means to protest that the Presidential Election process, which is rigged from start to finish. The rigging begins from the start of a Presidential cycle with Big Media “in-kind” donations of billions of dollars in free publicity to the Ruling Elite’s favored candidates, combined with the ruthless suppression and censorship of non-favored candidates and their supporters.

The process continues with falsified public opinion polls, rigged caucuses, and primaries counted secretly on secret computer programs. The rigging concludes on the Presidential election day in November with phony exit polls during the day, and then election night when all the votes of the American people are illegally and unconstitutionally counted in secret on easily rigged computer programs. 49 states illegally process 100% of their citizen’s ballots on secret computer programs; New Hampshire processes 80% of its citizen’s ballots illegally on secret computer programs.

Please see Strategy and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) links for relevant information, and then cast a Write-In Vote for Ron Paul, or another Liberty candidate, backed by your affidavit – by downloading Your Instructions and Affidavit

Under the current corrupt voting practices, we recommend you vote by absentee or mail-in ballot. See the instructions link above. Call your local county Board of Elections (Elections Supervisor) to find out how you can vote by absentee or mail-in ballot. If this is not possible in your state, you can vote in person and write-in Ron Paul, or other Liberty candidate not on the ballot. Or, you can write-in Ron Paul, or other liberty candidate not on the ballot, by writing your choice on a blank piece of paper and mailing it into your local Board of Elections.

Some states will not count your write-in ballot for various reasons. Do not be concerned about this. The two major parties have passed all kinds of laws to protect themselves from competition, and to prevent people from, in effect, registering their preference for “none of the above.” The important action, here, is to register your Presidential preference, backed by your affidavit, according to the instructions.

Imagine if two million citizens register their write in vote, backed by Ron Paul. Whether the states count all these votes or not, we Americans will have made a tremendous statement against the multi-faceted rigging of the Presidential elections, especially the aspect of illegal, unconstitutional secret computer counts. We will have also signaled are unwillingness to participate in the “lesser of two evils” game imposed upon us every four years.

LibertyUSAPAC.org is collecting the affidavits as a constitutional action of free speech. This is to verify the accuracy of the notoriously corruptible electronic, computerized voting machines.

Leading researchers and organizers of election fraud watchdog groups supporting this effort are:
Dr. K. (Cass Ingram) of LibertyUSAPAC.org, Jim Condit Jr., founder of WatchTheVote2012.com.

If you or your organization would like to officially support this project, or if you have further questions you may email us at: Voter@WriteInREVOLUTION.com or call 561-747-8496 / 850-417-8543. Or, call the administrator: 1-847-875-6164.

To download your voting affidavit and join the Write-in Revolution, click HERE.

DISCLAIMER:  While we recommend that you vote your conscience, by casting your ballot for your liberty candidate of choice in the 2012 general election, and testify how you voted with this Affidavit,  WriteInREVOLUTION.com is not an agent of any state election authority and cannot guarantee your vote will be tabulated by an election official in your state. We are not affiliated with any current lawsuits or claims regarding purported agreements with states to count write-in votes in opposition of current state laws.