Systematic Rigging of the Presidential Election in Wisconsin: Latest Analysis

Wisconsin has a long history of electoral fraud. This was the original site of “Smokes for Votes.” In 2000 democratic campaign volunteers were caught giving homeless men in Milwaukee cigarettes in exchange for their votes in the presidential election. It was WISN 12 News which caught on camera Democratic campaign volunteers giving homeless men packets of cigarettes after transporting them to City Hall to vote. Clearly, this was a case of vote buying and, in fact, election rigging. One of the workers, Connie Milstein, was fined $5000; the rest escaped prosecution. Yet, it was widespread enough that it surely helped inflate the numbers in the Democrats’ favor.

The Milwaukee Police Department: confirmation of the fraud

This tactic was precisely how the Democratic machine artificially raises the inner city vote, not just in Milwaukee but across the entire nation. Yet, anyone who thinks that this was only a temporary trend is truly deceived. Consider the Milwaukee Police Department’s Special Investigation Unit, whose 78-page report, issued in February 2008, declared there was “strong possibility” that there was “an illegal, organized attempt to influence the outcome of an election in the state of Wisconsin.”

The police said, essentially, that this was a conspiracy, specifically to steal the election for Obama. The key, here, though, is the word “organized,” which means that the political thieves were counting on wining this swing state at all costs, even if it means blantantly cheating the people. Notes John Rudd in his article Vote Fraud, “Plan B,” the police found categorical evidence of fraud. According to Rudd: They found there were 6,000 people, for example, who had registered to vote at the polls—on Election Day. They voted (more correctly, someone voted for them), their ballots were counted, but when the mail went out to their addresses to give them their voter registration cards, 6,000 of them came back.

Yet, what did they come back to? It was to “no such address, or it was a vacant lot, or the people had not been there for years.” Here is the key. These were, according to police, “same-day registrations.” With no ID laws this proves that fake voters, bearing pre-falsified voter registrations, went into the polls and cast illicit votes. That proves that Milwaukee is a hotbed of election fraud. It is the city which is used to swing the vote for any fraudulently elected candidate. In fact, 6,000 fake votes is huge, and that just represents Election Day registration. That is separate from the actual voter rolls: the ones used to identify pre-registered voters, as they flow into the polls. How many of these were fake? Moreover, how many absentee votes in the city were fabricated? This is such a major issue it requires actually quoting the police report, titled, “Special Investigations Unit, Milwaukee Police Department, Report of the Investigation into the November 2, 2008, General Election in the City of Milwaukee.”

Consider the following: At the conclusion of the Election, various media outlets began reviewing the recorded results and reported that they had discovered a number of discrepancies in the records maintained by the City of Milwaukee Election Commission. These discrepancies became the subject of a number of media reports identifying errors in the process of 2004 General Election…As the (police) investigation began, numerous inconsistencies in the official records of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission became evident. The reports of more ballots cast than voters recorded were found to be true. The Election Commission conducted three separate counts of voters, which resulted in three different findings, none of which matched the final official ballot count reported to the Wisconsin State Elections Board.

This investigation was exceedingly thorough, in fact, meticulous. It can be used as a benchmark of the kind of fraud and corruption that routinely occurs in major city-wide elections, especially in dense, urbanized areas, like Milwaukee, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, and more. The king-pins of this urban fraud is the Democratic Party and its vast number of operatives. The police report clearly identified by reference (not by name) the Party itself as well as its susidiaries, like the Kerry and Allies-Campaign (Kerry-Edwards, Inc.) in Wisconsin. It was this entity which was responsible for registering countless voting registrations. This was for Wisconsin residents and also out of state individuals. Then, the organization instructed illicit voters to cast votes, both through absentee ballots and live voting at the polls.

The same tactic was used in the 2012 race. The entity, directly identified through its press release in the investigation, was known as Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc. and was housed at 31 South Henry St., Suite 300, Madison as well as 2040 West Wisconsin Ave, Suite 2024, Milwaukee. The director was Richard J. Judge, a public affairs advisor with Foley & Lardner’s Public Affairs Practice Group and previously Political Director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. He also took the role as “Field Director for the state’s Coordinated Campaign.” He was assisted by Communications Director George Twigg, State Director for Kerry’s Wisconsin primary campaign and former worker for Democratic Leaders of both the Assembly and Senate in Wisconsin. Twigg was formerly in Washington, DC, a press intern at Kerry’s Washington, DC Senate office. Other operatives included Chief Wisconsin Strategist Teresa Vilmain, a former Wisconsin state director for the 1996 Clinton/Gore run, and various other Democrats listed on the press release, including Senators Herb Kohl, Russ Feingold, as well as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

What did Kerry-Edwards, Inc., achieve? According to the police Task Force 16 workers from this organization committed felony acts by willfully voting for the presidential election despite being non-residents. This included many of the top campaign workers. This means the entire leadership of the group committed crimes, including Judge, Twigg, ad Vilmain. The Task Force identified a single property where the unfathomable occurred. Some 128 different persons registered to vote, all using this address—all for casting a vote in the 2004 election. Furthermore, these were Democratic campaign workers who knew the rules and who did this maliciously. Most of these registrees had been in the state no more than 10 days before the election. All were out of state. While the identity and addresses of most of these criminal elements are known, none of them were prosecuted, although the police investigators stated that, no doubt, the individuals had committed crimes.

Now, the investigators scrutinized only a relatively tiny portion of the population and yet they still found this smattering of fraudulent, out of state voters. This means that there were potentially thousands of such voters. The Task Force also found voting by dead people, various people who have no residence—the indigent and homeless—including homeless people who were registered in several locations. Votes were likely cast on behalf of such homeless people, since there were no requirements for ID of any kind.

There was also apparently machine rigging. The Milwaukee police were able to procure the actual ballots run through the precinct machines. They discovered that in a small audit of eight wards there were an incredible 15 votes that were subtracted, in other words, not counted, in their words “as a vote.” Even more incredibly, they discovered the machines added votes, a total fo 35. That’s cheating against the peoples’ rightful choice of 50 votes.

The total votes in these wards 6715. In Milwaukee there were a total of 483,476 votes for President. Assuming 50 stolen or added votes per 6715 that means a total of 3600 or so votes completely corrupted: either lost in the ether of the machines forever or physically gained by electronic ballot stuffing. In each case these votes are against everything that the honorable public is attempting to achieve, which is to uphold their inalienable rights.

Now, those votes that were lost or gained, that is a major issue. It means that the internal audit of the machines shows counts different that what is published for the certified canvass for the election. It means that city-wide and surely state-wide thousands of the peoples’ votes have been stolen and/or thousands of ghost votes have been added to the machine results, ostensibly by the internal, rigged programs in the machines themselves. The following is a chart of that small grouping of Wards, showing the first numbers as the Optech Record (ES&S)  versus the hand count, then the difference/discrepancy:

Ward 43: 1181 versus 1199,  +18

Ward 44: 1947 versus 1954,   +7

Ward 97: 827 versus 818,  -9

Ward 98: 650 versus 660,  +10

Ward 238: 1073 versus 1068,   -5

Ward 239: 837 versus 836,   -1

Concerned about their findings the investigators took the extraordinary step and, months later, as greater evidence of a conspiracy developed, sought to look yet again at precinct results by hand-counting additional ballots. In June 2006, some eight months after their original audit they contacted the Board for more ballots, this time from Wards 216 and 298, with 858 and 815 ballots cast, respectively. However, this time no anomalies were found, which raises a high degree of suspicion.

How could it be? When caught by surprise, every Ward counted, six of six, showed anomalies. Yet, months later, plenty of time to alter the evidence, the machine and hand counts match perfectly? No wonder the police are suspicious. Moreover, recall that within the bowels of those notoriously corruptible electronic voting machines, in this case ES&S Optech scanners, there were some 6000 extra votes added above the actual people who voted. Yet, what do the county officials in Milwaukee proclaim about these machines, incredibly, “We have no reason to suspect any issue with them; they have always been reliable.” Reliable in purging and stuffing ballots, perhaps, but not in giving precise counts.

Now it becomes clear how these numbers arise. Of even greater consternation are the findings regarding absentee ballots. These ballots were heavily corrupted. “The sampling of Absentee ballots…led to findings of what appear to be fraudulent voting activities.” Keep in mind that in these kinds of reports police tend to be conservative, so this is a major issue. Milwaukee police went so far to call the errors, blunders—or blatant fraud—serious and irreperable, reflecting in a flawed ballot count.” They also added, ominously, that “there is no guarantee that a person who cast an Absentee ballot had their vote counted in this election.”

Yes, that is what they found, legitimate voters who cast their votes absentee whose ballots were never registered in the final numbers. In the audit they checked 2000 ballots. Of these, about 10% were undermined. There were 20000 absentees cast, so, again, another 2000 votes either lost or corrupted.

Yet, despite knowing the discrepancies in the machine count versus the actual voters enrolled, the Election Commission took no action. It took police subpoenas to force any rectification. Their small sampling also found ghost voters such as the various Democratic operatives who swarmed the state by the thousands just prior to the election. Since in their tiny sampling they found dozens of such fraudsters, it is reasonable to presume that the official numbers were stacked thousands more for the Democrats with such fake votes. What were the ultimate consequences? From the full assessment of the report it becomes clear that the fraud was organized and systematic, in other words, a conspiracy.

In 2012 the same kind of cheating was done, only on a larger scale. The polls were overwhelmed with fraudulent voters. Plus, the incredible occurred: in Ward after Ward the number of voters listed by the Election Commision amounted to 80% to 90% and more of not just the reigstered voters but, rather, the total age voters on the census (see the googledocs in the references). In one case, the poll at the public housing district, Parklawn YMCA, an incredible 102% of the voting age population voted.

Wards which Romney won in the primaries were now massively lost to Obama. There are a number of eyewitness reports of people being bused in from out of state to vote. An analysis of the wards with the highest number of same-day registrants showed that these wards all went to Obama. That analysis and more will be the subject of the next installment.

This is the first installment in a series of extracts from the forthcoming book, Rigged, by Dr. K. Khaleel.

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  • Don Jusko says

    Keep on gathering voter fraud information. The people are becoming aware that we are being cheated and lied to. The voting was rigged. Also there is no-way Johnson only got 1.1% of the vote. Romney tactics to remove Ron Paul and his delegates in Tampa by force won’t be forgotten and go unpunished either.

    The “who” that’s controlling our country has already been exposed. In order: the Committee of 300 (with names), The Jesuits, 13 Illuminati Papal Bloodline Families, The Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, The Federal Reserve Bank, Operation Paperclip & MK-Ultra.

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