Ron Paul Still CAN Win Disputed States, Maine and Iowa, and the Numbers Prove it.

Ron Paul Still CAN Win Disputed States, Maine and Iowa, and the Numbers Prove it.

We CAN make up for the wrongs committed in this year’s election cycle. It is also possible to effectively bypass  those notoriously corruptible electronic machines. Citizens for Honest Voting (CFVH) is launching a plan to Win Iowa and Maine, as well as New Hampshire, with write-in votes. Details and methods for this campaign will be found, which is under construction.

A group of voting rights activists, including the people behind have decided on a powerful course: to unite all liberty-minded people in one direction. Vote your conscience in all other states, but in Iowa, Maine, and New Hampshire please write-in Ron Paul. This is to achieve actual wins, notably in smaller circumscribed states, where write-ins are allowed. It is also to achieve redress, since the winners in these states are legitimately disputed.

The Website (under construction) offers tools to confirm the vote, like the affidavit and pre-vote pledge. The pre-voting form available to fill out on the Website will solicit voter information, which is greatly needed in advance in order to prove the count, while preventing fraud.

The objective is to protest against the various forms of rigging which have corrupted the voting process, especially the secret voting process done at each Board of Elections. With a written vote that is documented, this secrecy is reversed. It is also to protest the unconstitutional use of the various voting machines, which allow for a secret, votes devoid of all documentation.

This is a legitimate protest against the establishment’s secretive system. Anyone can join this, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or other. All can and should join this simple, practical plan to resist tyranny and eliminate secret voting.

The numbers prove that Paul can win these states. For instance, in Iowa, 2008, Paul had 11,800-plus votes—or about 10% of the vote—while in 2012 he had over 26,000 votes, a 121% increase. In contrast, interest in Romney in this state collapsed over the same period, with a -0% increase, from 30,021 to 30,015 votes. In New Hampshire Paul’s rise was even more dramatic, going from only about 8% in 2008 to nearly 23% in 2012, a 210% rise, while Romney’s rise was a mere 29%.  Maine was so corrupted by rigging that the numbers aren’t completed, but the rise for Paul was meteoric. This proves the voters’ preference—and that preference cannot be denied or repressed.

We CAN win Iowa and Maine’s, as well as New Hampshire’s, general election to correct the wrongs of 2012. This serves numerous purposes, as follows:

  • it shows our strength, that we ARE the true new “Swing Vote”
  • it proves that Ron Paul really won the primaries in Iowa and Maine (with a very strong second in New Hampshire)
  • it demonstrates that had the GOP not play their dirty tricks in unison with the media pitted against the seekers of liberty, along with, of course, electronic election fraud, Ron Paul would have been the winner
  • it proves that We the People can fully monitor our own state elections and prove the real counts with pre-vote affidavits, full poll watching, manual counts, exit interviews, and statistical analysis.
  • it demonstrates that through the unified efforts of citizens we can take responsible for our inalienable rights on our own by getting the whole country together to win 2 or more states
  • it proves that the people themselves can mount a united response, whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian, against unconstitutional, illicit secret vote counts
  • it proves that people can have real, legitimate alternatives to the limited, undesirable voting options imposed upon them by those in power

This is exclusively a We the People election. We and we alone, not the media or other powerful elements, decides who wins in Iowa, Maine, and New Hampshire. Keep in mind that this year in Palm Beach County, FL, an entire election was reversed because of corruption of the machines, the loser been called the winner after a hand-count. Noted Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher, “The hand-count was 100%. We weren’t missing a ballot. Frankly, without paper ballots and without auditswe would have let the wrong winners serve.”  Then, she said something that is truly incredible, “I have a feeling that this isn’t the first time, but we never noticed.” The question surely arises, “How many other winners were suppressed as losers, because of the inadequacy and corruptibility of these machines?” Moreover, how many people have been harmed and how many freedoms lost, all because of malicious rigging, which non one “caught.”

Regardless, this is proof that paper ballots DO work and that they are more accurate and reliable than machine counted votes. It is also proof that machine counts are no guarantee of accuracy and, rather, give reason to suspect great faults. Other examples the power of paper include former highly regarded Senator Strom Thurmond, who in 1954 won in a write-in campaign as well as more recently Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who in 2010 mounted and won impressively in write-in campaign after losing in the Republican primary, the first write-in victory in Alaska in 50 years.

This is return to written ballots is the most crucial effort ever made to prevent tyranny in our Republic. Join this Write-In effort to prevent the further erosion of our freedoms.

For interviews or other information contact: 1-847-875-6164 (Dr. K. Khaleel), or 1-229-393-2912 (David Calliihan). Also, 561-747-8496. Email: and/or

See also the Website: (under construction)

To donate to this effort go to: and donate to the election integrity button

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  • alakawak says

    It is CRAZY how delusional you are, James_Madison_Lives, Sue4theBillofRights, ralph lopez, or whatever name you want to go by. You get banned from the daily paul, so you use a second account and them make it OBVIOUS that you are doing so. And you post hte most ridiculous crap ever.

    Honestly…your suicide will be the funniest of all the RonPaul suicides come November.

  • alakawak says

    My favorite is how you talk about percent increases, as if that means anything. Guess what…someone getting 1 vote 4 year ago and 3 votes this year has a MUCH bigger percent increas than someone getting 100,000 votes 4 year ago and 105,000 this year. But guess who is better?

    Bottom line..Ron Paul is almost as big a failure as you are, ralph. He just doesn’t have 4 chins like you. Romney got FAR more votes than Ron Paul…and that was just the Republicans. Ron Paul wishesd you were dead. So does your nother. If you don’t kill yourself, she will.

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